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The Clinical Research and Innovation Office is a partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, one of the busiest and most successful NHS Foundation Trusts in the UK, and the University of Sheffield, a world top-100 university striving to solve the world's greatest challenges through teaching and research.

Improving patient care through research and innovation is vital to everything we do and our dedicated Clinical Research and Innovation Office provides hands-on support and advice to researchers, members of the public, patients and industry partners about getting involved in research, study design and set-up and how our cutting-edge facilities can improve health and healthcare for patients living in Sheffield and beyond.

A briefing on the General Data Protection Regulation for Research


What is changing? -

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. It is supported by a new UK Data Protection Act. As an EU regulation, GDPR is directly enforced in the UK. However, it allows certain elements to be determined by legislation in individual countries, and research is one of the areas where UK legislation is also relevant.


We use GDPR to refer to the EU legislation and the UK Data Protection Act together.

How does this affect health and care research? -

The new legislation was developed primarily to respond to growing use of personal information for marketing, social media and profiling. It means important changes for those sectors in terms of the information that has to be provided to people about how their information will be used, and it sets a higher bar for the consent that has to be obtained for using people’s information or contacting them for these purposes.


Health and care research has worked within robust regulatory systems for many years, and has set clear expectations about informing participants in research about how information about them is used. For more information on how your information may be used for research, please visit the Patient information and health and care research page.