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Cardiovascular Research Patient Panel

The Cardiovascular Research Patient Panel is part of the Academic Directorate of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH). The Panel is made up of men and women who, for various reasons, have an interest in cardiology and cardiothoracic research and so have volunteer to support the work of STH and University of Sheffield researchers in this field.


Research proposals are presented to the Panel to ensure that studies are feasible, and as well as suitable and manageable for patients. The Panel advises researchers on information to give to patients and how to explain complicated research procedures in lay language. As research studies are successfully completed, the Panel can also help write up research studies so findings can be disseminated to patients and the public.
The Panel meets regularly at the Northern General Hospital with additional meetings scheduled to support researchers wherever possible. For a full list of meeting dates please email the Panel Coordinator at

For more information about the panel you can download the briefing document