Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield

Combined Community & Acute Care Group (CCAG)

This Care Group formed in Oct 2015 and was awarded Academic Care Group status in March 2016. The achievement in research capacity building and outcomes for the Directorate formally known as Professional Services was used as a spring board to spread good practice and embed research across Geriatric and Stroke Medicine (IGSM) (an admitting Directorate) and Integrated Community Care (ICC) and Therapeutics and Palliative Care Directorates.  The Academic Care Group now has a fully functioning and sustained clinical academic infrastructure, including a growing Academic Board composed of a professoriate representing professions within the Care Group and Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) that includes patients and carers with stroke, frail elderly (Community Elders Panel) who are housebound and a panel representing an Across the Care Group Panel.  

The research infrastructure aims to grow and support research activity and capability with the aim of increasing the research active workforce to 10% across the CCA Care Group (approximately 200 staff).
  1.  For more information about our research activity and future plans, please click here for the CCA Care Group Research Strategy 2018-2021.
  2.  The Annual Research Report 2018-19 outlines some of the particular highlights from the last twelve months, including a summary of the targets achieved for the year.
  3.  An Annual Map of relevant Funding Streams for the CCA Care Group has been developed to strategically plan workload and identify opportunities. Please click here to view the Funding Map.

Research Bulletins

The Combined Community & Acute Care Group produce regular Research Bulletins highlighting the latest news and updates from with the Care Group. Please click on one of the bulletings below to find out more:


 CCA Reseearch Bulletin Spring 2024


 CCA Reseearch Bulletin December 2023


 CCA Research Bulletin December 2021

 CCA Research Bulletin August 2021
 CCA Research Bulletin December 2020
 CCA Research Bulletin February 2020
 CCA Research Bulletin October 2019
 CCA Research Bulletin July 2019
 CCA Research Bulletin April 2019
 CCA Research Bulletin January 2019

If you are interested in collaborating with us, or are simply interested in finding out more about the CCA Care Group Research Centre, you can contact us on the following e-mail address:

CCA Care Group Research Centre Main Contacts


Professor Mark Cobb is a Clinical Director and Head of Research for the Care Group.



Professor Sue Pownall is Research Lead for Therapeutics & Palliative Care Directorate and the Academic Director for the Care Group.  Her main research interests are in dysphagia.



Dr Ali Ali is a consultant in Geriatrics and Stroke Medicine and is Research Lead for the IGSM Directorate. His research interests include health economics relating to stroke, exercise interventions for stroke prevention, hip fracture and bone density and gait.



Dr Lisa Farndon is a clinical research podiatrist and Research Lead for the Intergrated Community Care Directorate. Her main research interests are all aspects of podiatric practice, diabets and peripheral arterial disease.



Dr Sally Fowler-Davis is Research Development Officer for the Care Group and Associate Professor - Organisation in Health and Care. She is a research portfolio lead - Systems and Services at the Advanced Wellbeing and Research Centre (Sheffield Hallam University).

She is available to advise on research projects, research career pathways and grant applications.































 Carolyn Taylor (left) and Sarah Birchall (right_ are portfolio research co-ordinators and support researchers in opening their studies and help to monitor the progress of the studies until completion.

Rowan Waring (left) is PPI coordinator for the Community Elders panel, a group of patients based in their own homes and Across the Care Group Panel. Jo Burke (right) is PPI coordinator for Geriatric & Stroke Medicine Panel.

Connie Kendall (left) is a Research Occupational Therapist and Lindsay Maidment (right) is a Research Physiotherapist. Both deliver therapy interventions as part of portfolio studies and can act as Principle Investigators as required.