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Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)

Key Contacts

Name Role
Prof Jaydip Ray
Research Lead
Jayne Wilson
Research Sister
Carolyn Wilkie
Head & Neck Operations Director
Faye Morely
ENT Service Manager
Modhumita Harris
Directorate & CRIO Research Coordinator


The ENT Directorate has built a national and international reputation in clinical studies. This has led to important benefits in the management of these long-term conditions.

The department conducts a range of applied research involving development, refining and evaluation of many diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for chronic neurotological conditions. It also collaborates with industrial partners to undertake multicentre phase 2 and phase 3 studies. 

The research team is based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, and with an average of 8 studies authorised (some of which are NIHR Portfolio adopted) and several others in set-up. There is active collaboration with other directorates and the two universities in multidisciplinary research.

The research team actively designs and sets up trials, recruit patients onto ongoing research and supports researchers and patients throughout the period of the project. There is an active PPI group that helps shape research topics in collaboration with the research team.

The Clinical Directorate of Ear, Nose & Throat Research Strategy 2018-2021 is available on request -


Prof. Jaydip Ray

Clinical Director and Research Lead - His research interest is in Neurotology including complex hearing and balance disorders and the use of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in their management.

Mr. Mark Yardley

ENT Consultant and Hon. Senior Lecturer - His research interest is in hearing and balance disorders.

Dr. Harriet Crook

Audiological Scientist - Her research interest is auditory processing disorders and music psychology in hearing loss.

Dr. Matthew Farr

Academic Clinical Fellow - His research interest is in exploring stem cell lines in vestibular pathology.

Dr. Panos Dimitriadis

Academic Clinical Fellow - His research interest is in novel measures in balance and gait assessment

Research Nurses

Jayne Wilson

Jayne has been seconded to the ENT research team from CRF over the last 3 years and has played a key role in capacity building, study participant identification and recruitment.

Research Topics

Investigator initiated
  • fMRI as a novel neurological biomarker for tinnitus
  • Inertial sensors in gait analysis of patients with vestibular disorders
  • rTMS in the management of tinnitus
  • Genetics of age related hearing loss
  • QUIET: Double-blind Phase IIa Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of AUT00063 Versus Placebo in Subjective Tinnitus
  • OTONOMY: Trial of transtympanic injections of  OTO-104 in Meniere’s Disease
  • TACTT: Double blind trial of transtympanic injections in acute tinnitus
  • AMPACT: Double blind trial of transtympanic injections in noise induced tinnitus
External collaborations
  • Zebrafish as a model for vestibular disorders (collaboration with University of Sheffield)
  • Stem cells in vestibular disorders (collaboration with University of Sheffield)