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The STH Directorate of Gastroenterology collaborates closely with the University of Sheffield:

The Academic Unit of Gastroenterology is headed by Professor David Sanders ( The clinical staff (honorary academic staff) includes Professor Alan Lobo and Professor Dermot Gleeson. In addition, a clinical lecturer will shortly be appointed. There have been 5 sequential fellows all of whom have had MD’s successfully awarded at the University of Sheffield (each individual published between 10 to 20 peer reviewed publications). The publication and funding track record of the department is > £2 million pounds worth of funding over the ten year period (a third of which was Portfolio) and > 200 publications over a ten year period of which more than 50% are original research papers with novel data.

The areas of clinical research interest are inflammatory bowel disease, small bowel endoscopy, coeliac disease, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding, irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal bleeding. Although the unit’s strengths have been in clinical research there have been continued and sustained links with basic science collaborators depending on which research project is undertaken.

The department has been recognised both nationally and internationally. Researchers and clinicians within the department have received the European Rising Star Award in GI research (2010), the UK Nutrition Society Cuthbertson Medal (2011) and the British Society of Gastroenterology Hopkins Endoscopy Research Award (2012).

The clinical services are integrated with research programmes and have been equally recognised with the Coeliac UK Healthcare Award (2010) and the inaugural British Society of Gastroenterology National GI Care awards (2011) and the Medipex Award (2013) for the Sheffield Small Bowel Endoscopy Service. In 2012 the PEG team won both Health Service Journal primary care and integrated clinical care awards. Most recently in 2013 the Coeliac Service has been awarded the inaugural Complete Nutrition Coeliac Health Care Award.

There is a highly successful clinical research fellow network. Currently there are five clinical fellows spread amongst the NHS consultants. These individuals undertake clinical sessions for the Trust in a flexible manner whilst also doing their research.

The Unit has strong links to the Department of Infection and Immunity and also The Sheffield Institute of Gluten-Related Disorders (SIGReD) which involves pioneering work into coeliac disease  

The Academic Directorate of Gastroenterology Research Strategy 2018-2021 is available on request -

Key Contacts

Name Role
Prof David Sanders
Research Lead
Grace Cole
Directorate Research Coordinator
Jemima Clarke
CRIO Research Coordinator
Dr Kumar Basu
Clinical Director
Joanne Ferraby Deputy Operations Director
Marie McKenniff Operations Director, Emergency Care Group
Julie Broscomb Group Finance Manager
Katie Dutoy Directorate Accountant