Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield

Our research focuses on identifying new ways to diagnose and prevent dementia.

Many dementia patients are not diagnosed or are diagnosed oo late, leading to inappropriate care and ineffective treatments. Accurate diagnosisof the specific type of dementia in terms of the underlying pahtology is essential to development targeted treatments for patients.

 Our researchers are working collaboratively with bioinformatics     and INSIGNEO to develop new biomarkers to facilitate early and   differential diagnosis.


 Researchers at Sheffield are developing 'Avatar Aid', an 'avatar' which can analyse patient speech patterns to help doagnose people with dementia



Collaboration with neurophysiology has identified an EEG based biomarker of Alzhiemer's disease whihc could be widely used for early diagnosis.


In addition to improving diagnosis, our dementia research is progressing in the area of prevention.

Through collaborations with radiology, researchers are identifying the imaging features linked with lifestyle factors that exacerbate cognitive decline, e.g.


Our team has devised a cognitive training programme which aims to regulate brain connectivity, and has shown significant positive effects in prodromal Alzheimer's disease.


 Professor Annalena Venneri      
 Dementia Theme Lead
Dr Daniel Blackburn                    Honorary Consultant Neurologist 
 Dr Kirsty Harkness
 Consultant Neurologist



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