Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield


Key Contacts

Name Role
Martin Rhodes
Research Lead
Graham Auger
Consultant Chair on Research Executive Group
Stephen Connell
Imaging Research Lead
Nicola Mann
Orthoptic Research Lead
Zanna Currie
Clinical Director
Carolyn Wilkie
General Manager
Andrea Pearson
Service Manager
Andy Lowe 
Group Finance Manager
Shanice Ashman
Ophthalmology Accountant
Sarah Birchall
Directorate Research Coordinator
Helen Pokora

Ophthalmology Research Coordinator

Jemima Clarke
CRIO Research Coordinator
Melanie Fox
CRIO Industry Coordinator
Katherine Wheeler
Research Sister
Paul Clarke                          
Research Nurse
Raluca Iancu
Clinical Trials Assistant


The Clinical Directorate of Ophthalmology Research Strategy 2018-2021 is available on request -