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Oral and Dental Academic Directorate

The Oral and Dental Academic Directorate is based in the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital and School of Clinical Dentistry. Our research is organised into two overarching themes: Basic & Applied Research and Clinical & Person Centred Research. The themes are supported by three interdisciplinary research groups; Bioengineering & Health Technologies (BHT), Person Centred & Population Oral Health (PAPOR) and Integrated Biosciences (iBio). We focus on the translation of fundamental science research to clinical applications for patient benefit.

The Oral and Dental Academic Directorate aspires to develop and maintain innovative research projects to address clinical problems and needs within dentistry and wider associated fields of expertise and to be world leading in the implementation of these aims.

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Key Clinical Interests:

The Academic Directorate of Oral & Dental Research Strategy 2018-2021 is available on request -

Impact of our Research
1. Advocating the use of Powered Toothbrushes 

Our research showed that powered rotation oscillation toothbrushes were superior to manual toothbrushes for the removal of plaque and reduction of gingivitis. This information has had impacts on national public policy, on commerce and on society. 

2. A New Regenerative Bone Cement for Middle Ear Surgery 

Research into the biocompatibility of glass-ionomer bone cements conducted at the School of Clinical Dentistry led directly to the start-up of a UK company to manufacture a new medical device, creating jobs in the supply chain and wealth creation via international sales. The new bone cement is safe and clinically effective, and has maintained or restored hearing to improve the quality of life of over 10,000 patients worldwide since 1st January 2008. 

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