Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield


Study Title:


Evaluation of post-Covid outcomes at a single NHS trust


STH Reference:




Study Design:


Research Database

Study Participants:


All patients admitted to STH or referred to outpatient clinics following suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. Most patients will have received care under the Infectious Diseases or Respiratory teams


Study Sponsor:


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Research Question/Aims:


1) To evaluate currently used investigations for diagnosis and assessment of lung disease or respiratory conditions.

2) To examine the outcome of various treatments in different groups of patients.

3) To identify potential novel uses of currently used investigations and treatments.

4) To use large volumes of data collected from routinely performed tests to improve our understanding of disease and improve diagnostic and treatment strategies - e.g. generate hypotheses.


The COVID research database is a single centre, comprehensive research database sponsored by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH). The database contains anonymised patient data of all suspected, confirmed and recovered COVID-19 cases which have been recorded electronically on STH computing systems. Patients who do not wish their data to be used for research purposes are able to contact us so that we can arrange for their data to be excluded from datasets provided for the purposes of research.

The database aims to provide a valuable resource for researchers and scientists to gain deeper insights into the disease and to enable study of population health, the natural history of disease, and the safety profile and clinical and cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions used in daily practice.

To ensure responsible and ethical use, a research database management committee reviews all requests for access to data. Requests for access to the data come from a range of different sources, including Respiratory teams of doctors and clinicians; partners from the University of Sheffield who collaborate with research investigations into the pathophysiology of COVID-19; medical trainees such as Specialist Registrars who are undertaking research projects as part of their training and other NHS organisations, academia, or industry.

If you would like to request data from the COVID research database, please see the process and application forms below:


   COVID Research Database Access Requests

   COVID Research Database Process for Requesting Data

   COVID Research Database Data Use Agreement Form