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STH ObS Biobank



The Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Observational Study of Patients with Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Immunological, Haematological and Associated Infectious Disorders (STH-ObS)

STH-ObS is a research tissue bank with ethical approval for the collection of a variety of different samples and data. The 2023 renewal allows the biobank to align with the aims of the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Sheffield Biomedical research centre (BRC) aims and objectives and expand into further areas of Respiratory Medicine.

STH Obs key facts

Over 1600 participants have been consented and recruited to the biobank since 2008 (data and/or samples).

We currently have 19 co-investigators across multiple specialties.

Our scientific advisory board assess all sub study/sample request applications - we receive applications from medical centres and educational institutions worldwide.

We now have a dedicated study manager who works alongside our clinical trials assistants to support recruitment and project applications.

History of the biobank

The STH-ObS Biobank was established in 2008 as a study within the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit. The initial aim was to create a resource of blood and tissue samples from patients with coronary artery disease and pulmonary hypertension. A grant was awarded in 2012 by the British Heart Foundation promoting further expansion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the STH-ObS protocol underwent an amendment to allow collection of samples and data from patients admitted with corona virus. The protocol was renewed and expanded in 2023 and now includes patients with a wider range of respiratory, immunological and haematological disorders.



Future aim

To collect longitudinal samples and detailed phenotypic information from patients with respiratory, cardiovascular, immunological/haematological disorders and associated infections and appropriate control groups, including those at risk of developing these diseases and healthy volunteers to enable research projects investigating these conditions.











Access to biobank samples can be requested via Lisa Watson ( and Dr Roger Thompson (

More information regarding the STH ObS biobank can be found on the University of Sheffield website:

The Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Observational Study of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension, Cardiovascular and other Respiratory Diseases (STH-ObS) | Medicine and Population Health | The University of Sheffield