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Clinical Immunology 

Key Contacts

Josh Wright
Clinical Director
Ian Scott
Operations Director
Kath Knight
Deputy Operations Director
Julie Senior
Deputy Group Finance Manager
Dr Anna Shrimpton
Clinical Lead
Dr Rav Sargur
Mark Palmer
Directorate Accountant
Directorate Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Office Coordinator
(Industry-Sponsored Studies)

Immunology Research 

(Research Lead on Specialised Medicine Executive – post vacant)

While research leadership continues to undergo a period of transition, work continues to increase research capacity in job plans to enable enhanced participation in research. The speciality continues to try to actively participate in all relevant industry sponsored and portfolio multicentre studies on immunodeficiency/allergy whilst also continuing to develop smaller scale locally funded laboratory studies on diagnostics/case reports.

The Specialist Medicine Clinical Department is well placed to collaborate with UK NEQAS (UK National External Quality Assessment Services) and the Protein Reference Unit Specialist Laboratory in developing new studies.  The specialty also has an interest in Health Service Research on improving patient participation, service improvement and continuity of care based upon networks utilising common documentation, patient pathways, audit and guidelines through the existing Trent Regional Immunology and Allergy Network (Covering Leeds, Sheffield, Scunthorpe, Hull, Nottingham and Leicester).

Immunological input into the development, quality assurance and evaluation of autoantibody assays & biomarkers for Rheumatic and other diseases with the University of Sheffield and other specialities within Specialised Medicine is an important contribution. The department is also a willing partner in collaborative biomarker studies.

Theme 1: Immunodeficiency. Research Leads: Dr W Egner, Dr R Sargur, Dr A Shrimpton

The specialty will continue to maximize opportunistic participation in therapeutic and basic multicentre trials on rare immunodeficiency through European (ESID) and National (UKPIN) networks and other multicentre trials. Where possible new studies will be developed using CTN support.

Theme 2: Allergy, Research Leads: Dr Egner, Dr Shrimpton, Dr Sargur

Researchers will explore opportunistic participation in therapeutic, basic and industry sponsored/funded multicentre trials in allergy and continue to review the potential to become involved in NIHR funded studies.

Theme 3: Translational, Research Leads: Dr Egner, Dr Sargur

Application of new Allergy Diagnostic Microarray Technology Translational, currently unfunded, offers huge potential for collaborative research in allergy diagnostics and patient management.

Theme 4: Health Services Research, Research Leads, Dr Egner, Dr Shrimpton, Dr Sargur

Clinical Quality Improvement in Allergy Service provision in the Trent and Yorkshire Supra-regional Network by collaborative patient involvement, outcomes and process monitoring.

Theme 5: Quality Assurance, Research Lead, Dr Egner

The unit will continue to publish on Quality Assessment and Assurance through collaboration with the UK NEQAS unit and the Protein Reference Unit Laboratory.