Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield

Research & and Innovation Strategy 2023-2026


Our Research and Innovation Strategy sets our ambitions to ensure ‘Research and Innovation is Everyone’s Business’. 
Six pillars of research and innovation have been established in support of our key strategic aim of delivering excellent research, education and to ensure we meet health and societal challenges of the future. 
The Research and Innovation strategy builds on key recent achievements and articulates how we will ensure that high quality research directly benefits our patients and the people we serve.  
It also lays out how our innovation will address unmet care needs that we strive to deliver and the ways in which we will seek to cure and prevent a wider range of diseases, improve patient care, and deliver more efficient care.  
Another key focus is the support our research and innovation will provide to industry and economic development. 
The six pillars of our Research and Innovation strategy are: 
  • Strengthening the Trust’s use of research and innovation to improve outcomes for patients and the efficient and effective delivery of care. 
  • Increasing international quality, impactful research and innovation activity, output and funding.  
  • Increasing the involvement and diversity of patients and the public in research and innovation. 
  • Broadening and encouraging staff participation in research and innovation. 
  • Using research and innovation to strengthen clinical services that are struggling to thrive.  
  • Enhancing research and innovation partnership working to capitalise on our relationships, enhance the reputation of Sheffield and support economic development. 

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