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Performance & Operating Framework - CRIO Review 2018-19

Please see details below for the CRIO review for the Performance & Operating Framework (POF) 2018-19. This needs to be completed prior to the Peer Review process that will begin week commencing Monday 25th February 2019.

The review for each directorate should be completed by using the CRIO Reviewer form below; the form has a series of statements that you should rate using the scoring system outlined within the document. The statements are related to the Directorate Review Form and the POF table that each of the directorates’ has submitted:

 CRIO Reviewer Form 2018-19

  • At this stage we need to ensure that the fifteen re-applications and two new applications for Academic Status are reviewed by Monday 25th February at 5pm, ready for the information to be sent out for Peer Review.

  • The two new applications for Academic status are from the General Surgery and Specialised Rehabilitation Directorates.

  • For the Clinical Directorates, we have an extra week to complete the reviews as these are less urgent. Please complete the reviews for the Clinical Directorates by Monday 4th March at 5pm.

Useful Information

Please see below some documents that you may find useful to assist with the CRIO Review:

Documents submitted by directorates

In the table below, for each directorate you will find the following documents:

  1. Review Form 18-19

  2. Directorate POF Table 2018-19

  3. Directorate Research Strategy 2018-2020 

Using the table below, simply click on the name of the Directorate to access the documents. For the CRIO review, you will need to refer to documents 1 and 2 for each Directorate to complete the review. Document 3 is the Directorate Research Strategy that was submitted last year, and is for reference only. All the Academic directorate re-applications are in bold blue font, and the new applications for Academic directorate status are in bold red font.

  • Please review the Academic directorate re-applications and new applications by Monday 25th February at 5pm, using the CRIO Reviewer form provided above.

  • Please review Clinical Directorates by Monday 4th March at 5pm, using the CRIO Reviewer form provided above.

  • You will need to complete one CRIO Reviewer Form per directorate.

  • All reviews should be returned by e-mail to

Table - Directorate POF Documents 2018-19

Accident & Emergency

Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery

Combined Community & Acute Care

Communicable Diseases & Specialised Medicine

Diabetes & Endocrinology

Ear, Nose and Throat


General Surgery

Laboratory Medicine

Medical Imaging and Medical Physics

Musculosketal (MSK)


Obstetrics, Gynaecology

& Neonatology 


Oral and Dental



Plastic Surgery

Renal Services

Respiratory Medicine

Specialised Cancer

Specialised Rehabilitation



Vascular Services