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Academic Directorate Peer Review 2016-17

You will find all the information you require to conduct your peer review of the Academic Directorates on this webpage.

A full list of the contents can be found by clicking on the Word icon below:

Peer Review guidance

This section contains all Trust Wide Information. Please click on the icon to open the file:

  1. STH Research Strategy  (appendix 2 contains the criteria for being an Academic Dirctorate)
  2. Definitions of Performance Operating Framework metrics
  3. STH Return on Investment 2015-2016 
  4. STH Return on Investment 2016-2017 (up to Q3) 


This section contains all Directorate Level Information

There is a folder for each Directorate below. Please click on the Directorate name below to open a folder that contains the following three documents. Directorate's in bold type are applying for academic status.

1. Review form 16-17

2. Directorate Research Strategy

3. Directorate POF Table

Accident & Emergency

Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery Combined Community & Acute Care

Communicable Diseases & Specialised Medicine

Diabetes & Endocrinology Ear, Nose and Throat Gastroenterology

General Surgery

Laboratory Medicine Medical Imaging and Physics

Musculosketal (MSK)


Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Neonatology


Oral and Dental



Plastic Surgery

Renal Services

Respiratory Medicine

Specialised Cancer

Specialised Rehabilitation Urology


Vascular Services