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Patient and Public Involvement Training Day

Each year we hold training days for patients and the public about getting involved in research.

Details of training days in 2020 are TBC.

Past events

International Clinical Trials Day 2021

Please follow the link above to view our dedicated page for ICTD 2021!

International Clinical Trials Day - 20th May 2020

Please follow the link above to view our dedicated page to ICTD 2020!


If you are interested in finding out about the events we held in 2018, you can read about them in our last newsletter.


For Staff

Past events

Red4Research - Friday 3rd April 2020

The wear #Red4Research campaign took place on Friday 3rd April 2020). People across the country, including staff in the Clinical Research & Innovation Office wore something red to demonstrate their support and appreciation for all those participating, undertaking and supporting COVID-19 research. 

How are we supporting COVID19 research?


Over the last few weeks, as with many organisations, the Clinical Research & Innovation Office has moved to being largely home-based, but with staff in the office where necessary to ensure ongoing service delivery.


At an early stage we commenced a review of our on-going study activity to categorise studies which needed to continue such as those from a patient safety perspective, those which were non essential/non urgent and those that were critical as part of urgent pandemic health research. As well as aligning with the guidance of the National Institute for Health Research, this approach ensures resources can be directed appropriately to ensure patient safety across our research portfolio, but also effective study set up and delivery of urgent health research looking at potential treatments for COVID-19.


We were pleased to support #Red4Research in showing our appreciation for all those staff and patients who are undertaking, supporting and participating in research that will help find effective treatments, diagnostics and vaccines for COVID-19.



STH Research & Innovation Conference 2018

You can read about the inaugural STH Research & Innovation conference that was held on Thursday 20th September 2018 here.

A list of posters that were presented is available here.