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STH Achieves First Global Dosing in Dermatology Trial

Professor Michael Cork, Professor of  Dermatology, University of Sheffield

A dermatology conducted at the NIHR Clinical Research Facility study has randomised the first patient globally, with the first dose being administered by Professor Michael Cork on 15th November, only 11 days after site activation. Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is the first of 20 global sites to start recruitment to the trial.

Prof. Cork is involved with research in many areas of dermatology including atopic eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and the genetics of skin disease. This new commercially sponsored, portfolio trial (UKCRN ID 15249) is an early phase 2 study looking at a new oral medication for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, to determine whether patients benefit from this therapy and whether there is a genetic variation in efficacy. There is a marked clinical need for oral non-immunosuppressive therapeutics that may be effective for atopic dermatitis and accordingly this study has received funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board Biomedical Catalyst Fund.

If results are positive this could offer a safe and effective therapy for dermatitis sufferers, which can be delivered conveniently by the oral route.