Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield

Research information for Patients & Public

Without research, advances in medicine and health wouldn't be possible.
Research and innovation helps doctors and clinicians better understand how diseases work, tackle some of the biggest and most complex health challenges and find more ways of making life comfortable for our patients. It is central to improving patient care.
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is involved in local, national and international research, thus benefitting patients both locally in Sheffield and across the world.
Here is just one example of the groundbreaking research that the Trust has been involved with, which recently featured on the BBC:


There are various different activities for members of the public who are interested in research. Please click on the logos or headings below to find out more information:




Where members of the public are actively involved in research projects and in research organisations.

e.g. commenting on and developing research materials




Where people take part in a research study.

e.g.filling out a questionnaire, giving a blood sample 



Where information and knowledge about research is provided and disseminated.

e.g. sharing research findings at events such as Science Festivals


More information about involvement, participation and engagement can be found here