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Bone Research Lay Advisory Panel

The Lay Advisory Panel for bone research meets monthly to provide a lay perspective and to influence research conducted in bone disorders.

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 The Bone Lay Advisory Panel Poster




Irene Gordon, Lay Bone Panel

My sister has struggled with her weight since her early teenage years, so when the opportunity arose to volunteer for a study on the effects of obesity on bone density, I took part as the 'thin' control. As a result, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and have been taking medication for the last 3 years. Hopefully, this will avoid wrist, ankle and hip fractures in the future. My sister has lost 10 stones!


Susan Wilson, Lay Bone Panel

I first became aware that I had osteoporosis by chance. I volunteered for a research project which picked it up, and I have been fortunate to be monitored and treated for it. This made me keen to be involved in the Patient Panel where we hear about new and ongoing research, and have the chance to put things from the patients' point of view to the doctors and researchers.