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PRES guidance for staff

When do we need to offer the survey?

  •  Please offer the survey to participants taking part in research now until 31st March 2023.


Who do I need to offer it too?

  • Any participant of an NIHR portfolio trial. Ideally it should be distributed at a participant’s final engagement with a study, but if you need to distribute it at another stage in the study then you should give it to participants at the same stage of the study so it measures a consistent length of experience.
  • PRES must only be completed once per participant per study they are part of.
  • Some participant groups may need accessible or otherwise adapted versions of PRES.
  • Please contact if you need alternative versions.


Do we need consent to offer the survey?

  • No - consent is not needed. Participants can choose to complete this or not.


Are these given electronically or by paper?

  •  You can do either/both. Please see below for details:



  •  Please print out your own surveys for use with adult participants. You will see on the first page a box where there is information you need to complete "For Staff Use". It’s vital this information is captured otherwise we cannot use the results of this for PRES reporting. You will know the study name/acronym, and the IRAS number/CPMS ID, but the research site/site code if taken place at STH is: RHQ.  The easiest way may be to add the CPMS ID/Site code by hand and then photocopy the relevant number of surveys you need for that study.
  • We also want to track the response rate of surveys, so please keep a log of how many you have sent out and how many you have received – it is up to you how you wish to track this, you may want to include an identifier on the top of the survey.
  • For staff in Jessop Wing who may need to use the child survey; for those aged 0 -6y where the survey will be completed by a parent or carer please use this survey.



  • We can use a Google form that can be accessed here
  • You can send this link via email to the participants but you must provide the participant with the site code (RHQ), the study name/acronym and IRAS number/CPMS ID and instruct them to record this prior to completing the survey please.
  • If you will be sending out the link to large numbers of participants on one trial then the CRN can create a specific link for a particular study with the required study details added.  If you need a study specific link, please contact and provide the relevant study name/acronym and IRAS number.
  • There is also a specific QR code for STH (please see below) that you can share with participants if they have a suitable smart phone.  Participants need to open their camera on their smartphone and point it at the QR code; the QR code should scan automatically or they may need to tap the screen to scan the code, then a notification should pop up and if clicked this will go directly to the Google form. If you need the QR shared via email with you for printing, please email



What do I do with completed surveys?

  • Digital surveys – you do not need to do anything. The responses will be received centrally by the CRN who will share the number received, and the data, with the Clinical Research & Innovation Office.
  • Paper surveys – please send all completed surveys via internal mail labelled "PRES responses" to Katie Gray (Research Administrator) D49, Clinical Research and Innovation Office, RHH, or you can drop them off in person.
  • We have to report quarterly to the CRN; please return all completed surveys to us regularly so we can input the data. We will send reminders round when data is due.


Infection Control for paper surveys

Please follow local policies for quarantining any paper surveys prior to returning completed ones in a sealed envelope to CRIO.

Further information about PRES can be found here.