Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield

I want to participate in research 

If you are interested in taking part in clinical research, there are several ways you could get involved:

  • The Join Dementia Research service is looking for individuals with or without dementia, to volunteer and become involved in supporting vital research studies to help beat dementia. 

  • The Yorkshire Health Study - You can help to find the best treatments to keep Yorkshire healthy by taking part in research. If you are interested, please click here to find out more.

  • Talk to your GP, consultant or healthcare practitioner about any trials that may be suitable for you. Remember you don't necessarily have to be a patient to take part in a research study - you may just need to give a blood sample or fill out a simple questionnaire

  • Join one of our patient advisory panels, which will enable you to shape and discuss research with researchers, who will greatly value your input

  • Visit the be part of research website to find out more on you can take part in Clinical Research

Dr Jackie Elliot, Diabetes Researcher

Improving patient clinical care is the most important outcome of our research.  Patients are in a unique position to offer advice on, for example, how wording of grant bids or patient information sheets can change perception, both in terms of relevance of the research, and potential risks.  By integrating patient opinion in the design of research studies we aim to maximise patient benefit and having an expert patient panel greatly facilitates this process.