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Step 1 - Getting Started

Is my project "research"?

If you are unsure whether your project is audit, service evaluation or research, here is a decision tool to help.

If your study is classed as research, then please register your study with the Clinical Research and Innovation Office (see section below).

If your study is classed as clinical audit or service evaluation then your project is not research and you would need to obtain approval from the Clinical Effectiveness Unit (0114 271 3477 or 0114 271 5115) and not the CRIO. 

If you are still unsure, please contact us.

I have an idea

If you have an idea for a clinical research project or already have a project designed that you would like to conduct at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, then the first step is to register your project with the CRIO as detailed in the next section.

In the meantime, here is some guidance on how to structure and write a study protocol:

Register your project with the Clinical Research & Innovation Office

To register your project, please complete the Project Registration Form and email it to:

Registering your project with us will assign you an R&D Coordinator, who will guide you through setting up your research project and the research governance approval process. 

Registration is the first step towards authorisation by the Director of R&D, without which no study on STH premises, involving STH patients, staff or their data may begin (UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research 2017).

I want to get involved in Industry Research

If you are interested in conducting an Industry led research study, please contact our dedicated Industry Research Coordinator by emailing

Please click here to see our section on Industry.

Help - Contact us

If you need to contact us for help getting started, our contact details can be found here.