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COVID-19 Funding Opportunities 

Last updated: 23rd April 2020 

It is part of NIHR policyto keep the future research pipeline healthy and to support the research community during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore CRIO will continue to share career-development, researcher-led and commissioned funding opportunities.  

Please bear in mind that we will be prioritising COVID-19 research during this period, therefore may we ask each directorate to carefully consider any potential grant submissions and involve the Clinical Director, Research Lead and Directorate Coordinator in prioritising any submissions that are not COVID-19 related.  

Please see details below for COVID-19 related funding and other NIHR funding opportunities:


UKRI COVID-19 Rapid Response Call

UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) have announced an open-ended call for ideas that address COVID-19.


Proposals are invited for short-term projects (up to 12-18 months) addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Please note there is a bespoke application process, including the submission of an application form via email. Research teams can expect a response from UKRI within 10 days and applicants can apply at any time with no closing dates set


NIHR/MRC rolling call for proposals for research into COVID-19 

In addition to the UKRI rapid response call recently announced, the NIHR and MRC have announced a subsequent rolling call for proposals for research into COVID-19, with potential to deliver public health impacts within 12 months. All proposals will need to be able to show how progress within the period of award could make a significant contribution to the understanding, prevention and/or management of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Please note that NIHR and MRC have highlighted research proposals to investigate emerging evidence of an association between ethnicity and COVID-19 incidence and adverse health outcomes: 

Full details are provided in the links and information below: 

  2. Applicants must apply by first filling out the information contained in the NIHR Clinical Research Network’s COVID-19  enquiry form 
  3. Applicants requiring funding will then be invited to complete a full application 
  4. In line with NIHR funding policy this call will cover 100% costs for NHS trusts 


Prior to applying for a COVID-19 related grant, applicants must follow the  mandatory steps  outlined below: 

  1. E-mail  and  register the project  with the CRIO  office as soon as possible, clearly stating that it is a COVID-19 related grant application. 

  2. Acquire approval from the Clinical Director and Research Lead of the directorate to evidence support from the directorate and capacity to deliver. 

  3. Liaise directly with your assigned CRIO Research Coordinator and  Research Accountant  for governance and finance review. 

  4. Once governance checks and costing have been finalised during step 3, the application must be approved by the CRIO  Research Manager –

  5. Gain written approval from Research Services for your project, which you will need to attach to your application to the funder. Please contact  to arrange this letter. 


For information about NIHR funding for all other research please follow the link below:


Internal guidance if you intend to develop a funding application:

  • Clinical Research and Innovation Office (CRIO)
  • NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF)
    • The NIHR Sheffield CRF is available to all researchers undertaking all types of clinical research. It has the capacity to provide space and specialist nursing support for studies requiring either inpatient or outpatient stays and works with investigators to develop a service tailored to meet the operational aspects of the research protocol. For further information please visit the CRF website:
  • NIHR Research Design Service for Yorkshire and the Humber (NIHR RDS YH)
  • University of Sheffield Research Services (RS)