Clinical Research Office. A partnership between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has a responsibility to ensure that all research within the Trust is conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidelines. In order to assist research teams in fulfilling their obligations, the Clinical Research and Innovation Office has developed a suite of SOPs covering key activities. These SOPs should be included in the study Site File.

Current SOPs

SOP Number SOP Title
A108 Recording of research information in patient medical records
A109  Independent Scientific Review
A112  Using STH Generic Case Report Form
A116  Investigator Site File
A117  Delegation of Study Duties
A124  Maintaining the Case Report Form (CRF) for externally sponsored studies
A125  Responding to Data Queries
A126  Sponsor Monitoring of STH Sponsored IMP Studies
A140  Healthy Volunteers
C101  Document version control
C102  Confidentiality for commercially sponsored clinical research
C103  Data Protection Act & Research
C104  Indemnity for Research
C105  Amendments
C106  Misconduct and Fraud
C107  Regulatory Inspection
C108  Sponsorship
C109  Code break procedures for STH Sponsored IMP clinical trials
C113  Radiation in Research
C116  Material transfer agreement for the transfer of human tissue
C117  Pharmacovigilance
C118  Risk Assessment and Sponsor Green Light Process for STH sponsored CTIMPs
C119  Execution of Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA) and Clinical Investigation Agreements (CIA) for Commercially Sponsored Clinical Trials
C120  The Use of Human Tissue in Research
C121  Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA) for Non-Commercially Sponsored Trials
C122  Gene Therapy Research: Local Safety Group Approval
C123  Intellectual Property
C124  Project Authorisation
C125  Protocol Non-Compliance & management of serious breaches
C126  For Cause Audits
C128  Case Report Forms
C129  Phase 1 studies and The Over-Volunteering Prevention System (TOPS)
C131 Employment of University of Sheffield Non-Medical Clinical Research Staff
C132 Employment of STH Research Nurse and Non–Medical Research Delivery Staff

Ideas for additional SOPs

We would welcome your suggestions for any standard procedures that you feel that would benefit from an SOP. Please contact Aneeza Lone (

Writing study specific SOPs

If you have study specific procedures for which you need to create an SOP, we can provide you with a template SOP document and guidelines for completion. Please contact Aneeza Lone (